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Eastlea Digital Design Club is looking for a Group of Exceptional People aged 13 plus to be part of a New Proactive, Multi-Disciplined, Digital Media Team.

They will be tasked with producing a dynamic online magazine/website featuring content, documentaries and discussions on contemporary issues such as the environment, peace and social justice.

Other topics relating to technology and the creative arts will also feature prominently.

The magazine/website’s mission is to affect a paradigm shift in presenting the views of Young People and the Young at heart living in the uniquely diverse borough of Newham.

As part of the project, members will develop core skills and gain valuable expertise in key areas of digital design and the effective use of digital media.

Members will also develop interpersonal skills, presentational skills and the ability to work as members of a creative and productive team.

The project is run as a team venture involving several private sector collaborations.

It is of special interest to young people interested in journalism, documentary film making and current affairs.

An important visible outcome will be the continued success of Team Members & Event Participants as they gain valuable work experience.

It is also true that in some instances they will confidently offer important & innovative service directly to the community.

Join us at Eastlea Community School in the Open Tech Area of the Design Technology Block at 3:30 pm, every Tuesday of term time, starting September 2015, for the start of the weekly meetings, consultation events, workshops & seminars.


Please Fill out this Form expressing your interest and we will keep you informed of the details required for being part of this exiting Team and the EDDC Project.

“Be the Change You Want To See Happen”, Mahatma Gandhi