An interesting article from the BBC sums it all up:

"Where are the jobs and economic growth of the future going to come from? The creative industries, and notably the games business, is one answer. "

This collection of courses and activities will consolidate the important core skill training and access to technology, required to develop innovative game concepts.

This single area of digital design holds the potential, if managed correctly, to eclipse all the others.

That is because with the constant changes in the use of digital technology, as well as the myriad application of software in all forms of communication, education and entertainment, there is a voracious appetite for new games, apps, ebooks, walkthroughs, etc.

The most successful of these are usually built by both large and small teams, with a lot of roles that require a varying degree of expertise.

The other advantage is that the jobs, in this sector, almost always go to where the skills base is located.

So say in Newham there were 50 to 60 well trained Games Developers, with a good grounding in core skills, this could be the basis for attracting external enterpreuners and businesses to invest in setting up in the area.

I could even catalyse course participants to starting up their own projects and local businesses.