The art of filmmaking, writing, cinematography, music, editing, sound can inspire and influence people and the world around us. 

It takes talented, passionate, creative individuals to work in this fascinating industry. 

In London, a great number of jobs can be found in film production for television, cable, local and network stations, as well as independent companies that create feature-length, documentary, commercial and educational productions.

However there are few and far between based in East London. We will use this program to change that perception and premise, with a series of innovative projects, workshops, activities and training courses.

These will cover:

  1. Technical Training for Hardware and Software
  2. Creative Development Work Flow
  3. Direction & Production Management.
  4. Blended Learning Activities and Events
  5. Visual Effects Supervision and Setup
  6. Set and Stage Design

The main aim will be to focus on content and concepts that are not necessarily for mainstream TV. Programs that can be shown on community, ethnic, specialist and education channels will be the priority.

The Internet will also be a big part of the dissemination process.

This ensures that there will always be an accessible and relevant platform for showcasing the content regardless of mainstream preferences, restrictions and constraints.