There are always vital questions that are asked in the beginning. A famous saying that encapsulate this important development requirement:

"A pebble thrown in the sea can become a tsunami on the other side of the world".

With that in mind, seeking clarity on the human capital, technical infrastructure, equipment, software, course content, core skills and community engagement, is an essential part of the process.

For such a significant game changing project it is important to thouroughly plan the work and work the plan with an eye on success.

In order for that to happen key questions and protocols need to be asked and established. Listed here is a preliminary list of important questions covering key topics and issues.

All are welcome to answer or add their thoughts and ideas to the mix. From this exercise a working project outline will be developed for the delivery of Digital Design Programs where ever they are needed.

This was the list on 07/12/12

  • What access do we have to the School Web site? Can we utilise space on the Web server for hosting the Club Content?
  • Does the School have a Dynamic or Static IP address for its Internet gateway? This is to see if we can conveniently run a Teamspeak 3 Server.
  • Is there a limited fund that can purchase some software immediately? There may be a need to get at least 2 programs, each on a single standalone license for now.
  • Can the Enterprise Cafe be activated for use as intended? Can we host invited events and meetings there? 
  • Can we secure 2 Hot Desks for Projects? 
  • What are the operating/business hours for the school? Especially for evening based events and classes.
  • Where will the "10 System Cluster" be situated in the School? How many hours access will club activities have to it?
  • Will Community Outreach based courses and sessions have access to this cluster?
  • Inviting professional groups and speakers. What is the school protocols?
  • What resources on the school system will be available to Attendees of Community based Courses?
  • Who is responsible for handouts and printed support documentation? Attendees or the school?
  • Parking. Can visitors and invitees use the School car park?
  • Professional equipment storage. Are there secure lockup facilities, on site, to store equipment?
  • Can the gym floor Space be used at some stage for VFX, Green Screening and Motion Capture. 
  • How much stage lighting capability does the School have?
  • Can we get the generic email Addresses, requested? Considering the time it takes to organise very busy staff to respond.
  • Is there an option for field trips? Visits to important locations, facilities, events. What are the protocols.
  • Funds secured from club events, services and products. How quickly can the club redeploy this to purchase needed resources, e.g., software, hardware, etc?
  • What is the chain of command with regards to the oversight of club activities?
  • How much lead time does the club need to give when requesting use of any room or facility?
  • Who gives the final clearance for its use?
  • Can Students be remunerated for their services? If possible What is the protocol?
  • Are there Theatre Facilities available on site?
  • Can structures be erected safely in either the gym or cafeteria?
  • What is the minimum compliment of supervisory staff needed for classes and events?
  • Can there be additional domain names and sites hosted on the Eastlea Web servers?
  • Can the whiteboard systems be simultaneously linked to either stream live content or video?
  • Can community outreach sessions and classes be held in the school workshops using school equipment?
  • Who is to be looped in on club progress reports? Staff, Parents, LGA, etc? Who will be responsible for contacting the necessary groups?
  • Rehearsals & Test Runs with Casts and Crew? What times would be best to handle these without any major disruption to the schools day to day activities?
  • What computer storage space is allocated to the club? How does this affect the work of Students, members & participants to the community outreach training sessions? 
  • Are there available online faculties we can use for club activity time keeping and attendance?
  • What will be the assessment criteria for certifying Students for KS3?
  • Security and supervision. Any important concerns that need to be clarified and addressed?
  • Is there a catering budget for events?
  • Can School run a commercial business concern with e-commerce support? e.g. selling greeting cards, posters, picture albums, art, 3D creations, etc
  • What are the protocols for collaborating with other youth organisations and institutions
  • Who deals with grievances and complaints? What are the steps for resolving issues with Courses, Events, Services, etc?
  • Is there a Curriculum based Business Studies program?