The Mission

The core aim of the EDDC (Eastlea Digital Design Club), is to stimulate interest among young people and adults in key sectors of Digital Design.

By working with learners in a social and informal setting we aim to make Digital Design more accessible to a wider range of young people and adults.

Beyond this we aim to contribute to making Eastlea Community School an important hub for promoting ICT & Digital Design awareness and learning in the wider community.

 What Can the Club Offer?

EDDC Currently has access to a considerable Infrastructure & Resources covering Computer Training Suites, Fabrication Workshops, Multi Media Studios and Event Facilities at Eastlea Community School.

We are currently assembling a team of volunteer tutors and mentors who will help users get to grips with these and other key Digital Design programs and work flow protocols.

The aim is to have all involved in the EDDC, in whatever capacity, proactively collaborate and support each other in developing their skills and learning potential through participation in projects, workshops and entrepreneurship.

To build a solid foundation program that covers all the core skill sets required to successfully progress in all the many exciting sectors of the 3D industry. 

This includes, (but is not limited to), 3D Modelling, 3D Printing, Beauty & Fashion, Visual Special Effects, Animation, Games Development, to name a few.

To continue to ultimately attract national and international interest from groups and organisations looking for new and experienced 3D talent.

To enable the next generation of technical professionals in industries as varied as product design, medical technology, civil/electrical/mechanical engineering, etc. gain an important early advantage.

Planning, Timelines and Milestones

There is no rush. We can take our time to get things right, after all, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. To help the process I took the liberty of building a development website for initially coordinating all the information, ideas and interest. 

I suggest we try not to initially pigeon hole the project and push for the obvious options. There are many routes and avenues that can be enthusiastically explored.

I also suggest fostering continued cooperation and working relationships with a broad base coalition of like minded individuals and organisations who are looking to achieve similar objectives. This should cover all aspects, even direct competitive areas such as training and the target audience.

TEAM work is the key!!!

It will be an important tool and invaluable route for raising Eastlea School's profile, thus bringing it to the attention of the right people.

The aim will be to make sure that Eastlea School remains always on the edge of the curve.

The flurry of exciting activities and visible success will attract more folks who can make a difference and add extra options and value to what is on offer.