These specific projects will be great opportunities to integrate the many departments and their resources in beneficial team building exercises that help the school achieve its learning outcomes.

Dynamic Teaching Aids

Students and Community Course Participants will develop dynamic & live session Teaching aids for other key subject areas such as History, Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc..

Walk through History

The walk through History Meeting important figures. Using the whiteboard, MOCAP and  related technology the classes for younger children will be brought to life with the digital visit from the past of a historic figure they studied or are about to study.

Fashion Focus Features

Clothes always require accessories. From additional pieces, (such as hats, scarves, kerchiefs, throws, bags and even shoes), to adornment items such as jewellery, watches, and eyewear.

There are many options for integrating 3D design into the work flow. Topics can cover visuals, measurements, cutting, shaping, costing, animation and presenting.

Jump Start Your Career Choice

Aimed at all that wish to embark on new careers in the creative industries. we will offer a revolving door range of courses that will repeat in cycles so as to allow new attendees get up quickly up to speed.

Designing of EDDC Corporate Look

Part of the criteria for membership will be working on the corporate look of the EDDC. In short, letting every member know that they have a say in how the Club is presented.

As part of the Key Stage 3 Criteria and even as a Competition, certain elements and concepts will be farmed out to individuals and teams, with set guidelines and briefs to produce colour schemes, choose type styles, design logos, as well as generate stationery templates for Print , Web and other multimedia purposes.

Tell Me The Story...

Working in Teams, course participants will work with an approved story idea, either finished or in development.

They will create character profiles, avatars and story boards. 

They will also research scenes and locations. 

The teams will then decide in what medium they wish to produce the primary content for the project. They will have a choice of doing it as a DTP Concept or Video Production.

After that is sorted they can then work out what additional technologies they would like to use, like Web Design, Animation, Motion Capture, Camera Tracking, Game Development, etc.

Pass It On... With Style!!!

This will be an intense peer to peer session that has previously trained course participants work closely with a new user or learner.

They will assist the Lead Trainer in supporting them through the preliminary requirements for designing a CV portfolio. This will be part of a reinforcement exercise for assessing how well they have acquired core skills.

This can be aimed at the student body and the community outreach program.

It will enable a rolling door policy that gives back to those that volunteer to help with the training of others by helping them keep their skills up to par.

It will also mean that there is a ready pool of talented peers, on hand to help encourage newcomers to Digital Design..