Digital Design, a term used to describe a wide variety of computer related skills, includes work in fields such as web design, digital imaging and 3D modelling. The term can be further expanded to any digitally created visual media.”

We will be getting our teeth into 6 key areas of Digital Design Courses & Activities Development.

These are:

  1. 3D Design, Modelling & Printing
  2. DTP & Graphic Design
  3. Web Design & Server Management
  4. Games Design & Development
  5. Video, Visual Effects & Multimedia Design
  6. 101 Core Skills Training

These areas will be the focus of an intensive academic and work place program, designed for the benefit of all who are part of it.

This includes. (but is not limited to), Course Participants, Trainers, Technical Partners and Logistics Staff.

All the course content and programs will be made freely available to all. This is to aid the uptake and proper delivery of important key elements of Digital Design at the grassroots.

As we start a new year, 2013, there continues to be a big deficit in the digital skill market.

On many levels there are opportunities for enterprising organisations and individuals to get a foot in the door and make a difference to the fortunes of aspiring artists, programmers, developers and enthusiasts.

There are many areas of important employment interest and core skill development that can quickly and easily be frame worked and delivered to very high standards.

This will lead to the organisations and the participants involved getting noticed by the right people, institutions and businesses.

In short, progress for all. Jobs, Investment and infrastructure will start to roll in.

Related 3D skills professionals/production teams will see East London as an attractive location to base their activities, so as to tap into the increased pool of core and advanced skilled labour.